What Our Patients Say

my pain disappeared and has not returned in over 18 months

I was suffering from plantar fasciitis and this made walking even short distances painful and made me limp. I was assessed in the clinic in detail and any other things that might have been causing the problem excluded. I was given advice on what to do to help the pain and a series of stretches.

I was then reviewed and although I was better the problem wasn’t cured and so SWT was recommended. The treatment was uncomfortable but then after 4-6 weeks my pain disappeared and has not returned in over 18 months.

Plantar Fasciitis

Strongly recommend this form of treatment

I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis under my right heel 2 years ago which during the course of time became very painful and unbearable to walk on. I was unable to walk at a reasonable pace, unable to walk for long, every step that I took was painful and commuting to work every day was uncomfortable as I had a lot of walking to do between the link from the train to the tube. My GP suggested a cortisone injection but I was not a fan of injections and I understood that the injection was very painful so I refused it. He then referred me to see a podiatrist who arranged for me to have a custom made insole to insert in my shoes. It did help a bit but not much.

I was then referred for a specialist opinion and after a detailed assessment specific exercises and a course of Shock wave Therapy was recommended. It was a 3 course treatment. During the first session it was painful and after the first session it felt sore and I limped even more than before. But the following day there was a great improvement in my walking and the limping was less. After the third session it was less painful. After a month of having the treatment the pain was almost gone and with continual exercise I am now walking without pain. It is now 2 years since I had the treatment. It has made such a difference to my life. I can walk long distances now and I can keep up with other commuters!

I would strongly recommend this form of treatment. I thought that I would have to live with pain for the rest of my life and never thought I would be walking pain free again.

Plantar Fasciitis

I now have only slight discomfort

My condition made walking painful and was also made worse if I had been sitting in the same position for a while, for example, driving. I also had problems if I slept on my left side. This was extremely uncomfortable. I was referred for physiotherapy and when this gave me no results over aproximately a year I then had an injection into my left trochanteric bursa. This did not give relief for long.

I was then referred to the clinic. After the consultation some specific stretches and a course of shock wave therapy were recommended. I had three sessions of SWT treatment. The first was uncomfortable for a short time whilst it was happening. Following this it gave me a little relief. The second session was more painful. When the third session had finished I had minimal discomfort. I can now walk longer periods and have only slight discomfort when driving, not as acute as it was before at all. I would say to others that the treatment is a little uncomfortable but the benefits after the third session far outweighs the pain experienced.

Trochanteric bursitis/ITB syndrome

Delighted with the treatment

I became a patient after developing an Achilles tendon problem that had failed to heal after 12 months of physiotherapy treatment. I had been unable to run or participate in many sports, even routine walking caused tenderness and pain, along with morning stiffness.

My initial consultation was very clear and comprehensive, the treatment of Shock-wave therapy and the likely outcome was explained along with the time scale for recovery. I had three sessions of treatment which caused mild discomfort during the minutes of treatment, but no lasting problem by the next morning. The swollen area of my Achilles showed improvement within days of the first treatment and this continued after each visit. Six months later I am now pain free and have started normal exercise again.

I am no longer stiff in that area in the mornings and have been able to resume a normal lifestyle. I have been delighted with both the treatment and the way it was carried out.

Achilles Tendinopathy

Changed my life completely, cannot thank you enough

I was in pain daily. I dreaded walking up or down stairs for a few years. I had to give up my hobbies due to the pain. Before I was seen in the clinic I had both tendons released, loads of physio and a tibial tubercle transfer on the left.

I was seen quickly by Mr Sood and he examined me and also arranged a scan. He diagnosed bad patellar tendinopathy and gave me some exercises to do and also arranged some shock wave treatment. It was one of the least painful treatments that i have had. I had 3 sessions lasting 20 minutes. I was slightly sore afterwards but only lasting a couple of hours.

I can now run up and down stairs and am back to the gym but I won’t kick box again just in case.

I would recommend the clinic. It has changed my life completely. I cannot thank Mr Sood enough for his and his teams help.

Patella Tendinopathy

Highly recommend to others, without hesitation

All walking resulted in excruciating, debilitating pain affecting every aspect of everyday and social life. I also sufffered from constant broken sleep caused by pressure when lying on the affected hip. Sleeping on my back was not an alternative due to spinal problems.

I dosed myself up with various strong pain-killers culminating in solpadol which in turn affected my stomach and digestion. I also underwent a course of acupuncture which helped to a certain extent – but alasgave no complete cure. This treatment was continuous until my PRP injection.

My personal experience wwhen undergoing PRP treatment was no different from normal injections. The entire procedure of extraction and preparation of the blood and reinfusion into my hip was approximately 30-40 minutes.

After the treatment I was exceedingly surprised at the quick relief obtained. The hip problem has not returned, my sleep pattern is no longer affected by the “greater trochanteric pain syndrome”. I am therefore, without exaggeration, able to truthfully describe the result of my PRP treatment as amazing – bordering miraculous!

I would recommend this treatment to others, without hesitation.

Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome

I would recommend the treatment my pain and swelling decreased

I was suffering from patella tendinopathy. I am a contemporary dance and ballet student and this affected my education. I tried eccentric work for about 8 months and had no result at all. I had shock wave therapy for 3 sessions and it also wasn’t too effective. I then had a PRP injection. It was painful for about 3-4 days but gradually the pain and swelling decreased. I would recommend the treatment as my pain has decreased but I would advise people who would take PRP treatment that it would take a long time and to be patient.

Patellar Tendinopathy

back to doing my activities and lots of walking

I had patella tendonitis and this affected my sports activities.  I had to stop tap dancing and tennis – too painful! Even walking became painful.  The knee was very unreliable on stairs etc. as kept giving way.

I had physiotherapy and shock wave therapy but no improvement was noticed.  The PRP injection was a success but was painful and the knee was sore for a day or so afterwards. I was able to go back to doing my activities and lots of walking. I would recommend the PRP treatment because it solved my problem and my knee has remained pain-free for 3 years.

Patellar Tendinopathy

bursitis greatly improved

I developed trochanteric bursitis and had a couple of steroid injections that helped but not for long.  I also had hip arthritis and had a successful hip replacement which allowed me to be much more active. Some time after the replacement the bursitis pain came back.  I couldn’t sleep on my side. The pain didn’t go away even after some physiotherapy.  I had the shock wave treatment and following the treatment the bursitis pain was greatly improved. My sleep was no longer disturbed because I could sleep on my side so the treatment has been a success!

Trochanteric bursitis