Specialist Exercise Programmes in conjunction with your physiotherapist

When a tendinopathy is diagnosed, one of the first-line treatments is a specific and appropriate exercise programme. The wrong exercises can at best be ineffective and at worst can aggravate the problem. The right ones can help to allow many tendinopathies to be cured early so that people affected can get on with their active lives.

We believe strongly in working with your existing physiotherapist to help agree simple exercise programmes that are targeted to the individual problem and to the individual with the problem.  If you don’t already have a physiotherapist you can use our “Therapist Locator” page to find therapists who work with us.  Simply put in the post-code of where you live or work to find a practice near you.

Our team believe that the number of different exercises prescribed should be kept to a minimum so that our clients can fit these into their busy lives. This makes it more likely that the exercises will be performed regularly giving the greatest chance of success.

Unfortunately, in a significant number of cases exercises alone will not cure tendinopathies, especially when the problem has been going on for some time.  In these cases we move to other treatment methods, always starting with treatments that are non invasive, that is, treatments that involve no injections and no surgery.