Our Process

We started the Tendon Pain Clinic to offer specialist treatment programmes for tendinopathies and to incorporate the latest research into managing patients with this condition.  Our aim is to ensure that patients have their pain cured as quickly as possible.

We provide prompt, effective and modern treatment in a single location and have a high success rate in curing these difficult conditions.

You will be assessed in our modern centrally-located clinic in London.  This involves a Consultation with one of our Specialists including a review of treatments already received.  We obtain baseline scores to assess the severity of the condition and to help us monitor the effects of our treatments.

After the assessment, any scans needed will be arranged.

A treatment plan will then be produced which is specific to you and your problem.  We will monitor your progress and move to other treatments as necessary.  The aim is to avoid surgery whenever possible.  In the relatively rare event that surgery is needed, it will be performed as a local anaesthetic out-patient procedure in our clinic.