PRP injections

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP injections harness the healing cells in our own blood to help cure tendinopathies.

Blood is taken from the affected individual and used to prepare healing cells.  The treatment is therefore sometimes jokingly called the “Dracula cure”.  The treatment relies on the fact that the platelets in our blood have healing properties. A small amount of blood is taken from the patient affected with a tendinopathy, and it is spun down with a centrifuge and prepared to isolate the platelet-rich cells. These are then injected into the area of painful tendinopathy.

The procedure is performed in the out-patient clinic and is a walk-in walk-out procedure.  Once the PRP is prepared, the area to be injected is numbed with local anaesthetic before the PRP injection to make the procedure more comfortable.

This is a relatively new treatment option and is not offered by many centres. Our founder and Clinic director has been using PRP in selected cases for 9-10 years. We tend to use this treatment where non invasive treatments, such as physiotherapy, patches and shock wave therapy have failed. This group comprise between 20-40% of patients depending on the condition being treated.  Our results indicate that about 60-70% of this group of patients benefit from the treatment.

We have found it to be a useful treatment option that has helped some of our patients avoid surgery.