What is it?

Shin splints affects up to 35% of runners from beginners to elite, as well as affecting people who participate in jumping and running sports and other active people.

It causes severe pain over the shin that often severely limits running and sports.  It can be incredibly disabling and sometimes occurs in both legs together.

How is it treated?

In short by rest.  Despite 40 years of research there still isn’t an established and clearly effective treatment that is better than prolonged rest.  This rest often has to continue for many weeks and activities have to be modified.

Prolonged rest isn’t always a good thing, not least because runners and sports people get very frustrated when they can’t be active. After resuming activity after a period of rest, shin splints can return with a vengeance, causing further pain and inactivity.

At The Tendon Clinic we are using new and innovative methods to tackle this difficult problem and are getting great results for grateful patients.  Our patients are often able to resume activity much more quickly.  If you are suffering, get in touch.