An interesting report from the USA demonstrates the harmful effect of sudden training changes on tendons.

In 2011 the National Football League  (NFL) went through a unique ‘lockout’ period.  Due to contractual issues players were banned from all club facilities and medical staff during the ‘lockout’ period.  As a result pre-season was cut from 14 weeks to just 17 days!nfl

Analysis of injuries that year showed the devastating results of a short off-season. Usually there are 4-6 Achilles tendon ruptures in an entire NFL season, however, in 2011 there were 12 ruptures in just 5 weeks.  When comparing timelines that was a 4-fold increase in rupture rates!

Unfortunately Achilles ruptures are serious injuries and 1/3 of players failed to return to competition.  The sudden increase in training for these athletes put their tendons at high risk.

It is important to gradually increase your training to avoid similar problems, as tendons need at the least 6-8 weeks to adapt.  Our experts can help you to plan your training to help avoid tendon injuries.