My condition made walking painful and was also made worse if I had been sitting in the same position for a while, for example, driving. I also had problems if I slept on my left side. This was extremely uncomfortable. I was referred for physiotherapy and when this gave me no results over aproximately a year I then had an injection into my left trochanteric bursa. This did not give relief for long.

I was then referred to the clinic. After the consultation some specific stretches and a course of shock wave therapy were recommended. I had three sessions of SWT treatment. The first was uncomfortable for a short time whilst it was happening. Following this it gave me a little relief. The second session was more painful. When the third session had finished I had minimal discomfort. I can now walk longer periods and have only slight discomfort when driving, not as acute as it was before at all. I would say to others that the treatment is a little uncomfortable but the benefits after the third session far outweighs the pain experienced.