I was in pain daily. I dreaded walking up or down stairs for a few years. I had to give up my hobbies due to the pain. Before I was seen in the clinic I had both tendons released, loads of physio and a tibial tubercle transfer on the left.

I was seen quickly by Mr Sood and he examined me and also arranged a scan. He diagnosed bad patellar tendinopathy and gave me some exercises to do and also arranged some shock wave treatment. It was one of the least painful treatments that i have had. I had 3 sessions lasting 20 minutes. I was slightly sore afterwards but only lasting a couple of hours.

I can now run up and down stairs and am back to the gym but I won’t kick box again just in case.

I would recommend the clinic. It has changed my life completely. I cannot thank Mr Sood enough for his and his teams help.