All walking resulted in excruciating, debilitating pain affecting every aspect of everyday and social life. I also sufffered from constant broken sleep caused by pressure when lying on the affected hip. Sleeping on my back was not an alternative due to spinal problems.

I dosed myself up with various strong pain-killers culminating in solpadol which in turn affected my stomach and digestion. I also underwent a course of acupuncture which helped to a certain extent – but alasgave no complete cure. This treatment was continuous until my PRP injection.

My personal experience wwhen undergoing PRP treatment was no different from normal injections. The entire procedure of extraction and preparation of the blood and reinfusion into my hip was approximately 30-40 minutes.

After the treatment I was exceedingly surprised at the quick relief obtained. The hip problem has not returned, my sleep pattern is no longer affected by the “greater trochanteric pain syndrome”. I am therefore, without exaggeration, able to truthfully describe the result of my PRP treatment as amazing – bordering miraculous!

I would recommend this treatment to others, without hesitation.